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List of rifle cartridges. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. List of rifle cartridges, by category, then by name. From left to right: 1 .

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    In around 1848, Sharps introduced a rifle and paper cartridge (containing . For a visual comparison of similar-diameter handgun cartridges with different rim .

    Rifle Cartridges
    Rifle Cartridge Section: Descriptions and information on rifle .

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    If one would wish for more information on the different rifle cartridges, the following link can be consulted for more information (http://www. everydaynodaysoff.com/2010/01/16/rifle-cartridge-comparison/).Guns have . Rifle Cartridge Sizes .

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    Cartridge Sizes. Ammunition comes in different lengths, shapes, and diameters depending on the type of bullet or case used. If the case is really small, chances .

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    The poster includes 110 life size images of the most common Hunting, Rifle, and . The Cartridge Comparison Guide can be purchased for $24.99 plus shipping.

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    Jan 16, 2011 . Cartridge Size Comparison. . I almost bought a Mosan Nagant at a recent gun? show, but I went for a bunch of 7.62x39r ammo instead.